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Are you ready to let go of the old holiday story, "I'm a HOT MESS EXPRESS"? Or how about this one, "the holidays are here everything is going to be crazy and overwhelming!"

What if this year you allowed your holiday season to be different? What if this year you ditched the 12 page to do list and the idea that you had to say yes to every invite, indulge in all the foods, and feel the stress of the holidays. 

Imagine participating in all the holiday magic and merriment WHILE  ALSO embodying self-health, boundaries, peace and mircro moments that make you feel calm, relaxed, joyful and grounded. 

Imagine waking up on January 1st , not panicked , bloated, puffy, and feeling "behind". Instead waking up feeling refreshed, centred and aligned. 

I personally know how easy it is to lose ourselves in what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. 

I have been there before where I am spinning from holiday cards, to kids concerts, holiday celebrations, teacher gifts, travel, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, shopping, running around like crazy because that is what we think the holidaze are supposed to look and feel like. 

I have said many times, I will start in the new year. I'll sleep in January. I'll take care of myself after the holidays!

What if this holiday season you started everyday with joy and peace?

What if this holiday season you set boundaries that felt good for you?

What if this year you started taking care of yourself during the holiday season...I think this is the best time to start!

This is why this year I have created for you the Less Stress More JOY mini course.

I want to invite you to join me on your more JOYFUL holiday ever! 

This mini course contains 5 short videos where I encourage you to think about how you can

incorporate more joy and less stress into your holiday season. 

Think of me as your 6 week holiday coach right in your back pocket!

Here is what you will receive in this 5 Video, Mini Course.


PS, you can listen on the road, in the car, while you work out, in the morning, getting dressed, before bed. These are short motivational holiday chats to help you stay grounded and centered this season!


We talk about....

  • Joy and how to incorporate more joy and gratitude into your daily life starting now.

  • Managing expectations and perfectionist thinking.

  • Prioritizing what is important to you. The holiday season is only just 5 weeks, I'll show you how to make it count!

  • Stick to consistent habits and routines this season (and always)

  • How to establish boundaries that work for you. Boundaries are Self Care.

  • How to Minimize stress and find calm during a busy time

  • How to shift from overwhelm to Calm

  • How to let go of old stories and visualize how you really want to feel


This is for you if...

  • You want more JOY in your life especially this holiday season!

  • You tend to "let yourself go" during the holiday season and would love the extra support.

  • You have a had time being consistent with self care and need/want the extra inspiration and motivation.

  • You want this to be a joyful, calm, grounded holiday season!


Also included:

  • Over 60 meditations and 5 holiday themed meditations.

  • 25 Holiday Affirmations for you to use daily

  • A quick gratitude journal/ handout to start for the Hoildays.

  • 2024 Goal Planning Sheet dropping in December and opportunity to do a live with me to go over our goals together!

  • Discount on Mindset Planner to launch in December

  • Over 50 movement videos all under 20 minutes you can use with you this holiday season!

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