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It’s time to learn how to put yourself first. We see you and we know you've been working hard to hold it all together for a long time.

Putting others first, taking care of others and putting your happiness, your dreams on the back burner. You know deep down there is more for you, you know that you are made for more and you’re ready to start living a life you feel excited to wake to everyday.

It's time to start learning the tools to live your happiest, most inspired life. It's time to get unstuck, let go of fear, stop procrastinating, tap into your inner strength, confidence and learn how to unleash your full potential! All that you dream of is possible and we are on a mission to show you how to get there!

Are you ready to 

let go of fear,

trust your intuition and manifest your dreams? 


Raise your hand if this is you...

You're not experiencing joy in your daily tasks and are facing difficulty in finding a sense of purpose.


You are struggling to balance your personal and professional life and keep all the balls in the air. And the first thing that goes is your happiness or inner peace.


Your habits and routines right now are either MIA or on a loop, bringing you back to the same spot you're in


Those sneaky limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck, making it hard to see success in anything.


You’re about crafting your dream life, but there's this nagging doubt that asks if you really should have it.


You’re fed up with feeling stuck and not having a clue why. You're starting to wonder if there are any real tools out there that could actually give you a hand.


You're seriously done with settling, and now you're curious if you can actually make a life that gets you excited.

And we cannot wait to help you!


Elevate Life Together: Transform, Empower, Inspire with the Inspired Life Mastermind

Inspired Life Mastermind is designed to provide a vibrant community and transformative space where individuals like you come together to break through limitations, overcome self-doubt, and empower themselves to create lives filled with purpose, passion, and boundless inspiration. Through shared wisdom, dedicated support, and effective tools, we're here to help you shape your unique path towards an extraordinary and fulfilling life

Wild Landscape

Imagine this...

Waking up energized, inspired, and excited everyday!

Leaning into being the most authentic, elevated version of yourself!  

Learning to set “feel good” goals that excite you and feeling empowered to do so!


Learning how to Manifest the life you deserve. Yes, there are proven steps to manifesting and we will share them with you. Its not just about wishing upon a star, there are action steps we will teach you and they work!

​And we get it - we are not all “woo woo” - we will give you the tangible steps to get you where you want to go! 

 You want financial independence.

You’re ready to change your old patterns and rewrite your story. 

You’re dreaming of what your life can look like in the next 3, 6, or 9 months…and you don’t want to wake up next year and be in the same exact place.

“Take it from two women who have coached hundreds to identify what they really want, have shown them how to do it, and held them accountable."


Hi - I’m Staci Kalvaitis.. A wife, and empty nester. I have over 17 years in direct selling with a background in corporate finance. I am also a holistic life and business coach. I have built to the top of 3 direct selling companies (from scratch) and I am all about habits and systems. I love working with entrepreneur minded people who want MORE out of life and are willing to work for it.

When I joined my first company, I was working full-time with 2 small kids. I was SO SICK and tired of asking for permission to spend time with my family. I was tired of not being able to pay for any extras - like dinners out or vacations, shopping at Whole Foods.. So I built an additional stream of income to give myself choices.

I can show you how you can get what you want. - I am the Ying to my business partner, Kristine’s yang. 


Hi -I'm Kristine Gardner and I'm obsessed with shifting your mindset from it's not possible to "I am going for this" and "Let's do this!"


I am married  and have three very active teenage boys. I have a Masters in Counseling and have over 25 years experience in personal coaching. In addition, I have an extensive background in fitness, training and coaching. I have also built multiple businesses from scratch and love to help other women do the same. 


My passion is helping women feel inspired, alive, and motivated to believe they deserve their best life. This is your moment so let’s make the best of everyday. 

Together, we will show you how to build the life of your dreams...

3 month
Inspired Life Mastermind includes:

Live Training

LIVE bi-weekly training to teach you the things you need to manifest your most inspired life!

Bi-weekly Zoom Call

One hour of training & tips from Kristine & Staci,
TWO top coaches for one hour a week!!

Private Coaching

One, 30-minute private coaching session per month to help you zone in on what you need to work on.

Hot Seat Q&A

Direct access to get all of your coaching questions answered.

Inspired Life Community

An exclusive Facebook group so you can be surrounded by like minded women and their contagious energy.


Accountability is one of the pain pillars that will help you stay on track, focused and inspired to hit your goals! Our community and coaching will help you stay locked in and hold yourself and each other to your goals.


PLUS you'll also get these amazing bonuses!

Our Master Your Money Mindset 1 day course designed to empower you in cultivating an abundant mindset.


A Personalized Meditation to help you connect with your thoughts every day.

Workbook - Letting go of limiting beliefs to help you reach your goals

Personalized Affirmations and Journal Prompts to find your true purpose

Personalized Sound Bath for inner balance

One 30 minute private coaching session per month

Essential Oil Roll On - SHINE which will uplift & energize


Enroll in the program because you're worth it!

You’ll get your welcome email which include meeting information & some course materials.


Receive registration link for the Master Your Money Mindset, one day course.

Gain access to the Inspired Life Facebook Community.

Stacy J


"Using these strategies I have been able to reduce my stress, lose almost 60 pounds, and attract new opportunities that have been life changing."



"This course changed my life."



"Manifesting Works! I am going on my dream trip to Hawaii! Thank you for being proud of me, supporting me and believing in me! Its all happening, Thank you!" 



You are the perfect fit for this if:








You’re ready for MORE in your life. Ready to turn the idea of “surviving everyday into THRIVING everyday!  


You’re inspired by the idea of change and ready to let your true authentic self SHINE! 


You’re tired of letting fear drive your decisions! It’s Time to get back into the driver's seat of your life.


You want to gain clarity about next steps, create a plan and step into the life you truly dream of!


You are ready for more happiness and success in your life. (you define success!)


You're curious about manifestation, how it works and how you can start applying it to your life to see all your dreams unfold. 


You want community, accountability, encouragement and fun along the way!

The Investment

Countryside Road

Let go of fear, trust your intuition & start manifesting the life you have always dreamed of living!

Your Inspired Life

pay in full

Live, Bi-monthly Calls with hot seat Q&A

Private Facebook Community 

30 Min of private coaching per month 

Access to all workshops offered

Accountability with 2 top coaches to help you hit your goals!



payment plan

Live, Bi-monthly Calls with hot seat Q&A

Private Facebook Community 

30 Min of private coaching per month 

Access to all workshops offered

Accountability with 2 top coaches to help you hit your goals!



*JAN 18th - MARCH 28th*

This is our promise to you in the mastermind- you will always have a community of people to lift you up, you will learn how to learn exactly how to manifest exactly what you want and have support the entire time.

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