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I'm Kristine Gardner

It's hard to write all about ME in one paragraph but let's give this a GO. 

I am ME. I tend to look at the world glass half full and there must be a bright light at the end of the tunnel. A few facts I am so grateful to share, I am a wife, mom to three boys and a very proud doodle mom. I am a California girl living in the mountains of Colorado. 

Starting back in my twenties when I was a women's fitness trainer and in graduate school for my Masters in Counseling I became obsessed with women's health. This includes all areas of womens health, physical, mental and spiritual. I have taken many different paths in those 20 plus years serving and working with women in the counseling and coaching world and I continue to come back to one common theme, helping women feel their best and helping them reach their fullest potential. Believing and Inspiring women to be who they are, their truest most beautiful self. To find joy, comfort and calm in who they are. Today I continue to inspire and coach women on their own unique path in life. This might include goals related to healthy habits in their wellness routine, work or different transitions of life. 


It's time to turn your ideas into reality! It's time to start feeling good in your mind and your body. I am passionate about helping you reach your fullest potential, helping you to create your goals and of course feeling aligned and centered in your body, mind and spirit. 

We would work well together if: 

  • You are ready to stop overthinking and get into action. 

  • You are ready to feel less overwhelm in your life and ready to feel more calm, purpose and clarity. 

  • You have all the ideas you simply need someone to hold you accountable, bring a bit more clarity and help you let go of the limiting beliefs. 

  • You are ready to show up and do the work! Lets go, this will be fun! 

Whether you are ready to join my Reset to Radiance Community, level up with one-on-one coaching or begin Voxer coaching, we can find a way to work together that will help you reach your goals. My greatest passion and purpose is helping other women succeed and feel aligned along the way. 







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